I’m Amanda Brown, proud multitasker.

I dabble in all the things. A senior graphic design major at Bob Jones University, I :

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Deja vu

Everything started and stopped with you— 2000 miles can’t change a thing. The past seemed so far away; With every day of sun, Every new experience, I forgot one more piece of you. And yet I can’t deny That there’s a part of my heart, Call it a chink or a chunk, That will neverContinue reading “Deja vu”

their loyalty

How cold the wind blew. It had never been his friend. Sheathed in armor of the thickest fur around, Kjetil soared across the white Alaskan carpet aided by his friends: a fearless gang of Huskies. Kjetil knew no human so loyal, so patient, so fearless as these dogs. Every time he had grown close toContinue reading “their loyalty”